Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wedding: Allison & Rob

Phew, glad the holiday madness is over and I'm trying to start 2014 on a good note! It's going to be a busy year as I have a lot of weddings already booked and I've locked down a destination wedding in... drumroll please... Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Keep a lookout for that post in the summertime :)
It's been a hectic past few weeks and I haven't posted some photos in a while, but I'm here to change that.
In November my good friend Allison married a fantastic fellow named Rob and I was there to document the wedding! Allison and Rob are both into photography and they were a photographer's dream. They were incredibly accommodating to me and asked my advice on locations, timing and schedule. They opted for an "unplugged ceremony" which meant that no one except me would take photos. Yes, that means no iPhones and no Instagram, Facebook, Vine or Twitter! It was so nice to see people actually enjoying and listening to a ceremony and being present in the moment as opposed to being a zombie behind a lit up screen.
Allison and Rob also created a lot of the decor and items used in the wedding which added an extra personal effect to the day. Their idea was a homespun celebration with good friends and no fussiness! Check out their photos below and look out for a cameo by your's truly: